Implant Supported Bridge

implant supported bridge
Implant Supported Bridge: Just like two teeth are used as a support for a tooth supported bridge, when you are missing multiple teeth, multiple implants are used to support an implant supported bridge.

Using dental bridges to replace missing teeth is a long-term option. A dental bridge can physically ‘bridge the gap’ left by a missing tooth or teeth and restore your smile to its natural beauty.

One or more dental crowns (fake teeth) are combined to produce a dental bridge, a permanent prosthetic device.A dental bridge’s crowns are comprised of ceramic (porcelain), which gives them a natural, translucent appearance that blends in smoothly with your natural teeth.

It is comparable to a standard bridge, except dental implants support it on both ends—implant-supported bridges (instead of natural teeth). Implants aren’t necessary for all of the bridge’s crowns. However, it is advisable to get it from the implants bridge in Glendale, AZ, for utmost convenience.

‘Pontics’ are dental crowns in the middle of the bridge that do not require dental implants, whereas retained crowns’ are dental crowns on either end of the bridge that does. All of the implants can be put in at the same time when numerous procedures are needed.

A dental bridge supported by implants

What are dental implants?

Implant dentistry uses an artificial root to replace a lost natural tooth’s root in the jawbone.

Once the implant has been placed, a dental crown (fake tooth) is put to it. Implant-supported bridges can restore a lost tooth’s look and chewing function. Both the upper and lower jaws can benefit from their use.

To mimic the support and anchorage of your natural tooth root, a titanium screw is surgically implanted into the jawbone. To link the implant to the bone, an abutment is used. The restoration is completed by attaching a ceramic dental crown to the abutment. A custom-made dental crown will be made to match the colour and shape of your teeth. 

Dental implants are constructed of biocompatible titanium, a robust, medical-grade metal. Osteointegration is the process by which the artificial root fuses with your jawbone over time. If you are looking for dental implants, then Arrowhead Prosthodontics offers the best implant-supported bridge in Glendale AZ.